Who are we!
Kryptos Global is an emerging telecom player offering cutting-edge turnkey voice solutions for the telecom industry and is a part of Multi-million Dollar Kryptos Group. Kryptos Global offers competitive and flexible Global Voice termination options by leveraging its multi-million dollar network and connecting businesses securely. Our telecom services encompassing wholesale as well as retail voice are both affordable and enjoyable.

Our Vision
To be a leading and organized global telecom player that best understands and satisfies the product, service, and self-fulfillment needs of businesses with highest degree of business ethics in the competitive Retail and Wholesale voice market driven by innovative products, delivered through technologically advanced systems and effective processes.

Our journey so far…
The Kryptos Group of Companies has its presence in various fields of business sectors such as software licensing, networking, communications, and IT services. The group has its operations in more than 80 countries across the continents, and export services to many countries round the world. Kryptos Group was founded in the year 2007, and, is one of the early movers with its unaltered focus on ‘Pay as you go’ business model.

Kryptos started off its journey with Kryptos Networks that conceptualized the “Subscription of licensing models” for Service Providers from many of the world’s leading software products such as Microsoft, VMware, Parallels, Veeam, Citrix, VMUnify, CloudByte, StopTheHacker. Through this model, the company today caters to almost all the leading service providers in the country including Datacenters, TELCOs, Hosters, ISVs, & System Integrators.

The company Kryptos Consulting is one of the first companies, which provides Remote Infrastructure Management Service on an Opex based Pay as go model, for both service providers and enterprise customers, round the clock proactively. A catalogue of services is given to choose from, such as Monitoring alone/ Management / Time based support.

“Kryptos believes in building business and customer relationships through strong alliances and partnerships,” says, Prasanna Ram, CEO of Kryptos. “By leveraging its innovations, we have been able to improve our services dramatically and the partnership has enabled us more rapidly offer new services to our customers.”

The team at Kryptos Group soon tasted success by making inroads into major markets and acquired customers rapidly due to continuous innovation, quality delivery of services and customer intimacy and thereby witnessed tremendous success and rapid pace of revenue growth within the first three years. Today Kryptos is a synonym in Pay as go Business model. Kryptos Group is head quartered in Chennai with branches in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Singapore. Employees at Kryptos are self-motivated and well trained in all respective service sectors to support the partners.

At the helm of the company are astute management and technical professionals drawn from best of Technology institutions and B-Schools in India, with more than 100 plus man years of experience bringing the best of know-how and visionary zeal working to your advantage. With full-fledged global delivery capabilities, Kryptos Global brings to your table affordable and reliable on-demand services to help your business succeed and sustain in today’s fast-changing world.