PC Dialer

Kryptos PC Dialer is best solution for making calls from pc to phone via internet. Whole calling process is VoIP based. VoIP based dialer is the lifeline for all business houses and home users who need to make international calling. This is the software that can be installed very easily on a laptop or pc. This is a customized version and completely compatible with all SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). PC Dialer is capable of handling every type of packet protocol signal. This is a perfect blend of technology and computer. This software can be used on desktop and laptop.

PC Dialer Platform


  • The software is compatible with all versions of windows
  • The configuration need of hardware of the PC for PC Dialer is very simple hence it can be used on any PC.
  • Customizable with enhanced branding options
  • It does not matter in the very least whether you are making PC to mobile calls or PC to landline calls, the option will remain your cheapest phone call service.
Technical Specifications
  • The application we use has the VoIP Tunnel proprietary technology embedded in to for making as well as receiving calls from behind VoIP blockades and firewalls. This provision is particularly significant in countries where voice over internet protocol is not permitted
  • 24x7x365 you can have real time information on the current status of the connection
  • The phone directory that is accessible directly from the software interface is either stored on a server or it can be locally stored if it is so required. The directory is also well integrated with the customer web portal interface
  • Provision of information on the actual balance available in your account
  • Information is also on the maximum duration for a call
  • The connection timer is also present
  • Prompt information is given on the rate applicable for the entered phone number through the Check Rate Button
  • You can also go back to the previous number dialed in double quick time
  • Speed dial support for favorite numbers is offered. Here, the end user can integrate the short cuts with the phone book entries
  • Without even logging on to the web, you can have direct link to the web page containing all the call history
  • There is Volume Control, Audio Wizard as well
  • Further there is Hold Option (switching between connected lines), Call Forwarding and Mute Options as well
  • There is support extended for Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008 and Windows 7 softwares
  • The application supports the G729, G723.1, GSM, G711 Speech Codecs
  • You can also avail of Customizable User Interface if you so desire. However, you will have to separately request for it