A.Premium—CLI Guaranteed

  • Our goal is to offer the best quality call terminations to you. We support you with an easy-to-implement solution and proactive 24×7
  • CLI Assured Voice provides the highest quality A-Z voice termination via PTT bilateral routes, with higher-than-market-level Average Call Duration (ACD), Answer Seizure Ratio (ASR) and Network Effectiveness Ratio (NER).
  • Guaranteed CLI and roaming and lower-than-market level Post Dial Delay (PDD) provide an exceptional service with the highest possible quality/price ratio in this segment.

B.Direct Assured

  • Kryptos certified routes are selected and actively managed by Kryptos to meet stability, capacity and vonmnice quality demands of retail operators at very competitive rates.
  • We will be having Non-CLI providers for specific countries directly.
  • Direct interconnection with non CLI providers for those specific countries gives us quality near to premium CLI AND COST IS LESS

C.Standard Termination

  • FAS free routes with decent ASR and ACD guaranteed. We do not guarantee on CLI here, but the termination is crystal clear and near to premium quality termination.
  • We are connected to many direct providers in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Africa and Middle East regions etc. to provide stability on standard termination.
  • This is very much cost effective and immediate interconnection is possible.