Are you interested in running your own VoIP system? Do you retail phone service for VoIP products? Would you like to reduce your overhead while still providing reliable service?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you should seriously consider wholesale VoIP service. If you have enough technical savvy, you may be able to use service from a wholesale VoIP provider to make extremely cheap domestic and international then Kryptos Global is at your service.

We provide a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to help you deliver high-quality voice services that drive increased satisfaction for your customers. You can leverage our services to increase revenue and deliver to your bottom line.

We provide the services which your customer will demand. Our cable systems are expansive and through aggressive focus on planning, optimization and fast turnaround times, we are able to offer our customers uninterrupted service.

Kryptos’s Wholesale Voice Services

offer you a reliable and secure solution that enables you to grow into new markets, simplify networks or maintain your current business model more efficientlywholesale_tes=xt

  • No Credit Checks
  • Same Day Activation
  • Full A to Z service Offered
  • Aggressively Low Rates
  • Full Suite of Online Management Tools
  • We have best routes to cover all destinations
  • Vast and well established network of service providers
  • 24×7 Support to solve your problems
  • High level of transparency of operations is assured.
  • Avail highly resourceful servers from UK and USA
  • Real-time call monitoring
  • Built-in fraud detection
  • Unlimited ports and channels
  • Local payments in your country and currency
  • Robust support ticket system built-in
  • Super-fast, low-latency server network
  • Experienced & dependable account managers